Adventures from the G.V.C guild!

Mission Report: Robin Hoodlum


Former Nobleman Robin of Loch is waylaying merchants on the road north of town, task is considered below that of existing guild members and thus falls to recruits.

Recruit group 7 comprised of Duke (human), Merrin (Halfling), Ki-hennar (Genasi) and Trustan (dragonborn) was sent to resolv situation.

Group findings:

The group reports convincing a trading company to send a convoy north with them as guards. They then found and killed the highwaymen, 4 Orcs. Clues where also discovered that pinpointed Robins Base of operations, a nearby abandoned mine. Inside group 7 found and dispatched another Orc as well as Robin. All lost goods was retrieved from the hideout. However a large amount of the goods found where illicit items that had to be confiscated by the Guard. Investigations into trading companies by group 7 led to no arrests. Cityguard investigation is to be launched. Traderoute once again open.

Addendum: City guard investigation produced no viable results. All manifests went missing or where destroyed prior to guard investigation. Suspicions remain and tension between GVC and trading guilds is rising.

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