Adventures from the G.V.C guild!

Mission Report: Tracking down the traitors


In the wake of the demon-cults attack a full blown investigation was called for, conducted under the watchful gaze of Qerub himself! Mal the executive officer of transcontinental cargo was one of the first to be caught, but not the only one. Somehow they seemed to have infested every aspect of town life, shops, temples and so on where all cult-sympathizers. Even amongst the GVC guild itself there where… troubling signs… Few could believe that cult members could join the guild so easily, as rigorous and extensive background scrying is done before full membership is granted. But never the less…there it was. How they got past the scrying no one seems to know. Thankfully there was only one group of four that seemed to be part of the cult. They seem however, to have escaped east towards Akkomorf, making their capture a lot harder as that country does not recognize the guilds authority, nor do they like the citizens of Kirtap. You will have to avoid detection, track the party down and bring them back. Preferably alive for questioning and a “fair” trial.

Group findings:

There were several monumental findings done during this investigation. First of all, the border security on both sides of Kirtap and Akkormorph are way to lax. Although they did find our team, thank the light they didn’t identify them as GVC, they where able to flee the area only to walk straight through a few days later. As it would be unwise to come forward with this information I recommend either make subtle suggestions to those in command or we get the King to let us inspect security due to the border being in our zone of interest, we declare it unacceptable and then improve it. Second finding was the fact that the team “border hopper” discovered that the traitor team was in fact totally unaware of their own treachery. As far as they knew they where good people helping the community and following GVC orders. We simply must get our scrying up to code again, I request yet again that this be given highest priority. Third finding was one truly chocking to me. Team “border hopper” reports that the traitor team was previously working directly under Veldriss in an infiltration mission. She has been asked about this and denies any knowledge about it, but something tells me she knows more then she lets on. I was told that all missions where to go through me, that I was in charge of this area and GVCs interests here. But I wonder if that is the full truth now. I request a full investigation of this Qerub, or at the very least some answers. I simply don’t buy that they are lying. If this is some sort of conspiracy as I fear this mistake may enable us to nip it in the bud. For if it has come so far that they no longer care to cover mistakes, they it may already be to late. On to other things, Fourth finding was a command base to the Ankh cult. Team “border hopper” received Intel from the traitors about its location and bargained their lives for the information. It may very well be worth it as we can now most likely take down the entire Cult in southeastern Kirtap. But to let the traitors go, is still something that was in direct violation of their orders. I need to punish them in the eyes of the other members so everyone won’t start thinking they can do whatever they want around here. I would appreciate advice on this Qerub or even some help. The fifth and final finding was done long after the rest. The traitor team are sleeper agents for the Ankh cult. Innocent or not for other crimes, they need to at the very least be de-programmed. As they seem to be deep in Akkormorph now they are all but untraceable for our junior members, and given that the traitors may hold sensitive GVC intelligence, I request to be allowed to find and deal with them my self. Since Fiddlebinder is in town now and his tower is yet to be constructed, he has agreed to take my place if I’m allowed to go. And do not fear that Veldriss will feel overlooked for the position, even she knows she would be a horrible choice to do the administrative parts. She seems quite happy in her role as security chief.


A disinformation team has been sent to the cult base, they are sowing disinformation and setting up a long term trap as we speak. Team “border hopper” will be placed on guard duty in town to make it look like they are removed from active quest duty, while they in fact are enjoying a nice paid vacation with the best rooms in Tymora’s Coin. I ,Hike, have been allowed to hunt the traitor team personally and Fiddlebinder is left in charge. I am also to oversee the work of the Akkormorph disinformation team. A full GVC investigation has yet to be launched. But with Fiddlebinder now in charge we at least have top level scrying available.


Awesome! hoppas få vara med och se Fiddlebinder bakom det för stora skrivbordet nästa gång


Lol, a lot of things happened, apparently :)

And all hail Lylatius? :P

And I liked that about a shapeshifter country, fun detail


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