Adventures from the G.V.C guild!

Mission report: Kobolds (almost) ate my Baby!


Several families in town reported having their infant children kidnapped over the relatively small time frame of 3 days. Amongst them a newly appointed nobleman named Dall, nephew to our local big time farmowner PooBaa. A team was immediately assembled when I (guild-lieutenant Hike) first got the information. “Team Giant” was sent. A patchwork team of two goliath, a tiefling and a voidsoul genasi. I don’t really know why we even allow the tiefling in our guild though, sure he survived the test but I have several reports indicating less then honourable behaviour. Then again if Veldriss would do her job properly we might have dealt with this a long time ago.

Group findings

3/4th of group Giant returned later the same day they where sent out. They had found clues implicating kobolds as the perpetrators behind the abductions and gone to a nearby koboldinfested cave. There they battled several kobolds, including one they believe to be the local King Torg. But as they where searching for the babies they ran in to a young dragon making its home in the caves. Now according to the groups reports Ethal sacrificed herself to enable the rest to flee the monster. But something feels odd about this story, I can see in their eyes that they aren’t telling the whole truth. I’m fairly sure that both the tiefling and voidsoul would sacrifice her to flee but the other goliath, Keveki, doesn’t seem the type to leave a friend to die alone. Perhaps Ethal fled and the others are covering for her shame? Its something we will look into later. For now there seems to be a dragon to deal with. But all is not bad as they at least where able to save all missing children, including one that has yet to be reported. Hans-Ullric has volunteered to raise it until its kin report it missing.


Keveki has repeatedly asked to be part of the group to slay the dragon, a matter of honour he sais, as it killed one of his kin. perhaps we actually need to give out younger members training? and not just send them to do menial tasks. Still waiting for Qerubs finl say on the training cave restoration.



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