Adventures from the G.V.C guild!

Mission Report: Demonic taint


Local Farmer/merchant PooBaa sent in a report that his farmhands had encountered “small flying daemons”. Problem deemed to be below current member capability thus reduced to raw recruit task. Group 8 sent to investigate.

Addendum: 2 weeks have passed and group 8 has yet to report back. Group 8 declared MIA. Mission difficulty considered increased, will therefore send next group or raw recruits led by guildmember. Taskforce “Duke” sent to investigate. Compiled of teamleader Duke and raw recruits Peridot Midori (shadar-kai), Razam (human) and Paavu (goliath).

Group findings:

Duke reports that after initial investigation a small temple devoted to Arawai was uncovered. Its guardians tried to keep the team from entering but where promptly removed. Inside the temple signs of corruption where evident and exploration revealed a demonic cultist that tried to drain the temples powers to summon a powerful daemon. Apparently recruit Peridot where granted Arawais favour during the incursion, shall inform guildmaster and keep her under surveillance. Taint was removed and lands returned to normal state.

Information was found in the temple that claims there are several other temples to Arawai nearby and also mention a powerful artefact named G.E.C.K., no reference to either temples or artefact have been found in local archives. Investigation pending.


Poobaa have asked to be allowed to restore the temple and keep it on his lands in an effort to improve his yearly cropsyeald. A message has been sent to the Curch of Arawai with a edited copy of this report and the request to reopen the temple. A close eye will be put on Arawai followers to see if more temples can be uncovered and if the artefact can be claimed by the guild.



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