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Mission Report: Deamon infestation

those damn cultist just get in everywhere!


Its been a little more then a month since the dragon incident and midsummer was approaching. Qerub then decided that we should have a midsummers festival, to increase trade and to let take peoples mind of recent events. But of course on the first day of our week long festival a murder is committed, a clearly ritualistic murder. With senior members out and about I once again had to send one of the rookie teams, hence forth called team Facepalm. Team Facepalm consists of Ausek (Goliath warden), Alek (Human monk), Reshan (Dragonborn warlord) and Ashelia (Woodelf druid).

Group findings Group Facepalm went on to completely destroy the first crime-scene, according to stationed city-guardsmen then just wrecked it. They then proceeded to harass local tavern-owner Benni in search of clues. I also received a bill from our local highpriest of the Light, it seems they hired him to cast a “talk to the dead” ritual. And while cleaver I wish they would settle for an acolyte and not bother the highpriest himself as his fees are somewhat ridiculous. Day two of the festival another, identical murder, was committed. This time however it was done in the middle of a road and while the guards where not able to stop the crime they did catch one of the perpetrators afterwords. According to guardsmen his is completly crazy. never the less, after team facepalms interrogation they saw enough cause to harass every noble in town and all upper class merchants. From Reshans personal report, and the complaints of said parties, it is clear that Reshan tried to be diplomatic and civil while his team-members wildly accused, taunted and even beat up “suspects”. All that stopped me from outright killing them was the fact that Lady Ravenwood seemed to know something about this whole incident. Even so the political ramifications will be huge. Few, if any, noble will want to stay in, or deal with, our town now. I also received a complaint from Fiddlebinder, who is currently constructing a tower outside of town, that Ausek tried to steal from him while he was helping them, OUTRAGEOUS! While I do doubt that he is the actual criminal, seeing as I have a small stack of reports implicating that the Monk has taken quite a few things while on missions, It still reflects badly on the guild as a whole. Qerub maintains that each of our new members have a “grander” destiny to full fill then being killed by me, but I still recommend that this group be thrown out or at the very least disbanded so as not to cause the guild more harm. Days three to five went painless (thankfully) as team facepalm stopped one murder each day. Day six the cultists full plan went into motion as they summoned a daemon in town centre square. Team facepalm managed to subdue the daemon and stopped it from causing more harm then destroying a stage. A small redeeming fact, but my opinion is still the same: Revoke their member-status or at least disband the group.


Because several people saw team facepalm “Bravely battling daemons to save the city”, Qerub has deemed it unwise to throw them out, even if that would help our relations with the nobles and merchants. Thankfully I was able to convince him to at least disband the group and let them pair up with others for future missions. I wish a better fate on Reshan, he seems to be a good soul and I owe his father as much as to at least try to keep him in better company. As I predicted all nobles have now moved out of town and removed their investments. Several of the larger merchants guilds where also pushing to leave but thankfully Poobaa managed to broker a compromise. GVCdmembers are no longer allowed in the merchantguilds halls or other facilities nor are they allowed to stop and search caravans at will. All such actions must now go through the city guard and a request must be sent to the merchant guild in question in advance. Making it virtually impossible to properly investigate. But we need the merchant here to make the town viable. I can only pray that relations will get better


I was thinking how Duke will react to this news. Originally i wanted to make a post in a style of the report, saying that he had a sudden but inevitable heart attack and had to take an extended leave for health reasons, seeing as he is the only guard employed in the guild… But then it got me thinking that, well, he was heading that direction himself. Somehow, the employment in the guild empowered and emboldened him, and he became very cocky, no longer lurking in the shadows, with his biggest ambition – a smoke in peace and quiet.

Right now i think he’s taken out some of his paid vacation days to take a thinker about his life and new position as GVC team leader, which he has bagatellized until now.

Also, he pities Benni, a lot. Apparently his contact has come to more abuse than he intended for him, so he spends his holiday in the best room in his inn, regularly spending more money than he should to make up for all the losses, buying people rounds and what not. Of course, he cleaned and disinfected his room thoroughly before he even considered sleeping in it.

By the way, who writes these reports?

Mission Report: Deamon infestation

They are written by Officer Hike ^^

Mission Report: Deamon infestation

This is so awesome :D Talk about walking disaster ^^

Mission Report: Deamon infestation

Jebus, it would seem that the idea the bring in alot of “fresh blood” into GVC wasn’t all that well thought through. :) I wonder if Eversummer will even stay in the control of GVC if things are going down this road much longer. Hopefully we’ll mange to redeem ourself with our next assignment ^^

Mission Report: Deamon infestation

It was an absolute trainwreck. xD I am glad Asheelia managed to be shifty enough only to get a mentioned of being in the team, and not causing anything in specific. XD

Mission Report: Deamon infestation

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