Adventures from the G.V.C guild!

Mission Report: Arawais ruins strike back


I wonder why they call it that? I mean it has nothing to do with ground! Quite possibly “grounds” but…hey wait are you already dictating? scribbling indicating pen moved rapidly up and down

Sigh…FINE. Well It started with my old friend Odeman contacting me, you know, the dwarf archaeologist. Well It seems Hike had sold the rights to excavate the nearby ruins to the Royal archaeological society. Well they hit some sort of snag and hired us to supply some temple cleaning. Your standard A56-b. So I assembled a team, got that shadar-kai that was in the previous arawai temple clean-up, a bard that had a particular interest in Arawai, the bugman and a warforged, and sent them off. It should be ok. Now stop writi

Mission Findings

Is this thing on now? ah god. Seems the temple was trapped to hell and back and filled with guardians. They all reported heavy injuries and the likes. It even seems Odeman died in the processes of clearing out a room, good thing we got paid in advance but I’ll still miss that old bugger. I might just have him resurrected. At-least its all cleared out now and they should be able to look at all the frescoes they want. Except for one room it seems…might need to send a specialist team to disable some active traps, wonder if I can send Veldriss? Well now should I add the Bards report as an addendum, but its soo long! and I’m fairly sure its mostly poppycock aswell. Since when where bards able to take on entire rooms by them selves? while carrying 3 people, and he hardly mentions the rest! He also seems to have some sort of imaginary shardmind friend. because he keeps referring to some sort of Gem, a walking talking Peridot. Might have taken a heavy hit to the head, need to send him to the priest for a check up. Oh yeah, they brought back some book from the temple. Seems to explain a bit about the the Arawai temples.


Had Odeman resurrected. He is still grumpy, and wanted a discount for our adventurers not saving him. Told him the Resurrection cost should be considered the discount and he got silent. Love teasing that bugger. Veldriss cleared the remaining traps out, and it seems some gold was misplaced aswell. For a more detailed report on what the temples was all about here is a attached version of the book. But short version is that they where guarding an artifact known as the Geck. I’ve started decoding the cypher in the back, but it will take me some time before I get some useful information.


lol, it seems that it was a hard quest ;) Well done, or something


I have half a mind to writing my own report! Let’s see if i have half the time, too…

In short, there were 3 combat rooms + a puzzle room, which was nice. In the first one almost everyone gets sliced and diced by traps, i believe i ran out of there with 2 hp left and would have died was Lylat not nice enough to end the encounter there so my -5 hp save ends ended.

Then there was a room with etercaps and spiders, generally things went pretty well , i didn’t even get harmed once. From the monsters that is. Hike threw some bugs at me and Jade decided it would be fun to crit me in the face with her daily or something, so i died.

The last room was the cherry on the top. It was big and had a book in the middle with a very clear warning not to touch it, so not being idiots we didn’t. But an npc though it would be fun to run in and touch it, triggering the trap which spawned enemies all around us, trapping us. Then of course he thought it would be a good idea to protect him, but we thought it would be a good idea for the monsters to eat him while we take defensive positions, which failed anyway because of us being surrounded.

During that fight i somewhere in the middle, because of those pesky -5hp save ends. But then i got up forwards the end and thank god for that or we might have been screwed. The last boss exploded, and we sort of protected ourselves against that but we remembered it too late so Lylat deemed it tweeking, and both Bugman and the warforged died.


Now reading my last post you might think bards suck. On the contrary, i felt it was much better than the warlord. For one thing, the warlord has a at-will that grants YOUR FRIEND an free action melee basic attack. The bard has the same, but it also does damage, and pushes the target.

Then, being a ranged class, i thought that having 19 ac and +2 vs opportunity attack was pretty good. Usually good enough to get you through an adventure, but that’s hard to do when you get surrounded in close quarters.

It comes down to this – most every attack versus me hit even if i have good defences and tried to keep myself in a tactically sound position, like behind the defender. I simply had bad luck. I’ve been critted twice in one session, once by my own team mate who was a striker… what leader can still stand after that?


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