Adventures from the G.V.C guild!

Mission Report: A Paladins past


Hans- Ullric(proprietor of Tymorras coin) was rumoured to be leaving Eversummer, something worth investigating as Hans is a great asset to the Town. He Has been a faithful guildmember for many years and it is vexing that he did not come to the guild for help in the first place. Matter should be considered private and sensitive.

Group Findings:

Group Duke took an interest in this affair and managed to convince Hans to let them help, he always did have a softspot for up and coming adventurers. Non the less they seem to have been efficient as they first searched the city for clues to find Name Removed and then proceeded to his lair with the aid of Hans, managed to vanquish him. It is a bit troubling that Name Removed was able to utilise an old guild training ground as that one in particular was thought destroyed. A investigation will be launched to determine if it can be re-purposed to train the recruits.


Hans-Ullric seems to have come out on top of this ordeal as he is happier now than I’ve seen him in a long time. He has hired a waitress named Luusi and seem to be slightly overprotective of her.



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