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Mission Report: A lord murdered


Lord Oakwood had come to town recently saying he was investigating the “Sunrise imports/exports” trading house. Due to heavy investment into the company and rumours of illicit activities. After 4 days in town Lord oakwood went missing and turns up dead 1 day later.

Lord Oakwoods second, sir Ivan, accuses the guild of foul play and dereliction of guard-duty, guild-lieutenant Veldriss seems uninterested in the case and guild-lieutenant Hike is pressed with other tasks. Guild Master Qerub is forced to return to manage relations while group “Duke” is assembled and tasked with investigation, may the light protect us.

Group findings:

After extensive investigation group have made following findings: 1. Lord Oakwood willingly and of own volition teleported away from his room and guards in “Tymorras coin” to visit a brothel. 2. He was assassinated by a Changeling posing as a prostitute. 3. She came to town with a” Sunrise imports/exports” caravan from Akkomorph. 4. Trademaster Adrik of “Sunrise imports/exports” is one of the suspects. 5. Guild-lieutenant Veldriss is one of the suspects. 6. Sir Ivan is one of the suspects.

Assassin was caught but committed suicide before interrogation was made. There is not enough evidence to arrest any party. Further investigation pending.


Political ramifications of Lord Oakwoods death are severe, relationship with the king is strained and only thanks to group “Duke”’s ability to find the assassin have GVC been able to ride out the storm.


Awesome stuff, I like these reports :)

Mission Report: A lord murdered

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