Adventures from the G.V.C guild!

GVC-games: an evaluation

Background: Well as officer Hike has said on numerous occasions, most of our new guildmembers are just walking disasters. Thus “the games” where designed to test our members on individual and group skill. It seems the event also worked quite well for the merchants, especially since GVC took no fees and removed several taxes during the event. A few more of these events and the merchants might just get to like us again. There where many layers to the games. The members could participate in “on stage” activities, being in races, competitions and the likes. Or they could work in help desks, security or whatnot. Afterwards our members would be assigned to teams and forced to go through the new “cave of trials”. overseen by officer veldriss.

Initial report The merchants do indeed love the games, We have had merchants come far and wide to sell their various pieces of junk. Sadly the guild wont see a copper of it, and the merchants are likely to forget this gesture at the first sight of problem. But at least we are trying. Most of our guild members did a decent job at the games. Performing above average at sports and such. I even think we got some of the best results in this countries history in the long-jump and 100 meter dash. Some thunder barbarian Goliath I’m told. Well its hard to compare results, and the dwarven league of sprinters constantly complain that unless your carrying 50kg of weights its not a race. We did suffer some humiliation though, the winner of the marathon collapsed on the finishline and then later was involved in the “pie eating incident” (see enclosed report 3269b). I told you that contest would be bad, lots of people just stuffing them selves. you know we avoided disaster by the with of a hair? someone tried to swallow a bag of holding in the hopes of all pies going in there..MADNESS! after most of his internal organs went into the bag he died..ON STAGE! we had to gut him, remove the bad, and then resurrect him. Note that we didn’t figure this out until after a few failed resurrections. But this wasn’t our largest problem, It seems that some 76.234523% of those who did other tasks then participating in sports failed somewhat horribly. Unable to assist visitors, general lack of respect, lacking ability to communicate with team, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the performance reports. I immediately threw the worst of the lot out of the guild, the ones I felt might redeem them selves where sent to the cave.

In an attempt to delegate work I put officer Veldriss in charge of the cave, but I’m somewhat unsure as to how it went as I have yet to receive any written report, when asked she just said “the ones who got back are the tough ones”. What does that even mean! I simply assume she failed any group that didn’t pass the cave.

We have now lost a total of 57 members, meaning we are now down to 108 new members. And while new applicants now are fewer we do still, as per your orders, allow new blood to join. Meaning you can expect this number to increase again shortly (see 7 dimensional graph X25363-k).

Addendum I’m hearing strange rumours from some members that they had to fight other members in the cave! Chocking! When I confronted Officer veldriss she simply said she had altered some of the constructs to look like members. And she never did give me a satisfactory answer as to why she would to that at all! even worse. As I examined the cave it seems its controls where set to “lethal”, how horrible. Think what might have happened if the new members had to run through that regiment! Well it seems I averted that accident anyway. But other then that Officer veldriss did take good care of the cave. As I inspected it I found absolutely nothing out of place. She must have gone to great lengths to clean up afterwords.


Fainting on the finishing line: Because when I win, I win with style.

GVC-games: an evaluation

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