Adventures from the G.V.C guild!

AD-venture: group 46 aftermission report


As with all the other groups this was sent to promote the guild and get contracts, target area for group 46 was the Cobalt-falls area in south western Kirtap, near Litusen (Always wondered about that name, if the royal cartographer misheard the locals…). The reason for all this is due to our bad relations with local merchants and trading guilds.

Group Report compilation

While group dynamics seems to have been at an all time low the group did succeed above expectation in this area. With only three possible towns to work with they still managed to get one very favourable contract from a blacksmith in North Bumkin and they did basically free work in west Oakly and South havenbrook that seems to have bolstered our reputation in that area. Even if there seems to be lingering rumours of guildmembers stealing silverware, barbrawling and beating children in the area. These rumours are however most likely made up, as similar rumours seem to crop up everywhere adventurers go. My guess is jealous locals that start them.


We now have established rotation to North Bumkin so members do caravan duty and similar work on a regular basis for the elven smith Cera Mics. Smuggling operations are down by 56% in the general area and South Havenbrook is being rebuilt. Also, related to this, it seems a smith from North Bumkin has taken up residence in Eversummer. Due to his very favourable prices he has received many orders in a short period of time, even if there are rumours of inferior work. Wich I’m sure can be blamed on jealous rivals or locals.

Also, regarding the monk Alek, it seems we may need to reprimand him. If further reports of him causing trouble come in we will have no choice terminate his membership. I know Hike has been wanting to terminate more then just his membership for a while and if reports like this one from his partymember are frequent I understand him.

Lastly I may need to have a word with Cake Frosting, the illusionist. His report, even if delicious, was a cake the shape of a gnomes head. Tasty as it was it is difficult to file and store.I believe I could convince him to at least present his reports in boxes so they can be stored in the fridge of holding.


Hey, Alek was relatively nice this time around! What did he do to deserve such harsh criticism? :P


Sure he was, but he still got a bad report from at least Qoreds character ;)


But, Alek didn’t do that much :P


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